Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Miss Orange

2 posts in one week!? Give a girl some credit, huh? Lol! Right afterwards I ended up waiting an hour in my car for roadside because my car battery died. But I did get a chance to play around and watch TV on my new iPhone 6 so the wait wasn't too painful.

Sweater top and skirt suit: Thrifted // Camo Scarf: Random local accessory store // Shoes: Rainbow
These shoes have been on the chopping block plenty of times but I always end up keeping them. They're just a cheap little shoe from Rainbow but they get the job done sometimes when I want to throw on a semi comfy leopard print heel. I think I'll keep them in the arsenal a little longer.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Nights

Well hello!!! It feels good, yet a little awkward to be posting after so long! Let me just say taking a 5 month break was very necessary, but now that I've gotten another camera I can get back into my photos. Now I can't promise that I will be posting every week or how often I will be, but I will definitely be journaling a lot more. It just felt so good to leave the house and not having to lug a camera or make sure I have time to stop and take pictures. Don't get me wrong I LOVE TAKING PICTURES. It can just really consume you and take up time, and since I've been a little more life focused and business focused it was an extremely welcomed break.

But yesterday I had a great time with an amazing group of women teaching them how to do their makeup. Something else I placed on the back burner due to opening up my Vintage Shop. But it felt great to talk about makeup and just have fun. I may have to try and do some more small group tutorials.

Blouse: Vintage // Crop tank: H&M // Faux leather shorts: Forever 21 // Shoes: c/o Just Fab // 
Hat: Target

If you don't know about my love for Vintage you must be new here. But my personal vintage items and vintage items for sale take up my whole house!!! I am so not a fan of the mall anymore. But I do have places I still love to shop other than thrifting such as Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Asos, H&M, and a few department stores.

But this blouse is a great oversized option to replace a blazer. I purposefully bought it to be huge (a size 22). so next time you are thrifting don't underestimate the possibilities of oversized items or even  items that aren't made for women. Check the mens for oversized sweaters and even the children's for shrunken t-shirts. It's such a playground!

So lets chat! I miss you guys!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Last Sunday

These are some of the last pictures I shot messing around with my camera in my room. Shooting a few pics of my favorite places in my apartment. And showing a few of my favorite pillows, pictures etc.  But unfortunately I can't finish the pictures I planned for this post because I was a victim of theft last Sunday. 
I was at a photoshoot in Duluth at a park and I carelessly left my purse in my car. Styling a shoot takes a lot of stuff and there was already too much to carry. So although I didn't think that it would happen in broad daylight with people walking to and fro, someone helped themselves to my purse and everything in it and my camera which was in a camera bag on the floor. So many things that I worked hard for gone. Why not go out and work for your own things instead of taking from others?! It is the worst feeling of being violated that I have ever experienced. So although I am deeply saddened, frustrated, and stressed out I try to look at it like it could be worse. I am physically safe and these material things will come back to me. So I am working on getting another camera so that I can continue my blog and continue branding Jade Vintage by being my own photographer. I'm staying optimistic!!!
Keep me in your prayers please and I will keep you loves in mine!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grecian Boyfriend

Blouse: Vintage // Boyfriend Jeans: Asos // Shoes: Zara // Red Bag: Jade Vintage

I've owned this blouse for-eh-ver. I have so many cool items like that. When I finally start to get some wear out of them I'm like "Why haven't I been wearing this!?"

I've noticed from the last couple of posts that denim has been having a true moment in my fashion life. Seems like white, denim, and comfort has taken over. I think because it's hot and humid, so loose, light clothing is winning because it doesn't stick to you. So this won't be the last time you see these boyfriend jeans. Although I need to buy another pair because these are too big!!

Monday, June 23, 2014


Vest: Zara // Crop top: Asos // Overalls: Gap (thrifted) // Shoes: Aerosoles (thrifted) // Purse: Thrifted

I bought this Zara vest in last years sale. I think I have only worn it 3 times maybe. But it is definitely worth the regular price, let alone the sale price, I think it was less than $60. I wish I could hit up Zara's sale now! It just started Friday at midnight so, if you haven't already, check it out! Lemme know what you get.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sneak Peak....Overalls

Sneak pic of my next blog post featuring overalls! 

This purse is available at 

stop on by and pick up a new dope vintage piece!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vintage Sheer Duster

Sheer sequined duster: Vintage // Dress worn as tank: Asos // Boyfriend Jeans: Asos // Shoes: c/o Just Fab

I absolutely love my new sheer duster. It makes me feel so glamorous. Even when the rest of my outfit is so plain. I must have had 6 ladies tell me how gorgeous it was and ask where I got it. The best part of all it was less than $2. I often joke and say I'm just now realizing that I'm a Golden Girl. I get all giddy when women over 65 love what I'm wearing or buying when I'm thrifting. Especially little, old white women. 

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