Friday, November 13, 2015

Heads up

Long Blazer Jacket: Thrifted // Dress: Thrifted // Shoes: Zara

So often we reach a point in our lives where we begin to care more about our health. We begin eating better and making sure we get some exercise. We also may change other unhealthy habits or begin to stay away from certain toxic products. But we forget that the people we allow into our lives bring health and sickness as well.

We get so busy with making sure we are protecting ourselves from tangible things, we neglect the intangible. Being selfish with your space is not being phony, stuck up or funny acting it is a necessity for your health. 

Start by allowing the people who love you to radiant in your space daily or as often as possible. Find and meet up with people who are like minded and share your interest. Don't let people who are consistently negative, angry, pessimistic, or penetrate your psyche. Whenever you are dealing with people sometimes taking care of yourself may mean its okay to love them from afar. Take time to decipher those who have bad days from those who live through a constant dark cloud. Until next time Peace.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cream get tha money

Cash rules everything around me, Cream get tha money, dolla dolla bill yall. If you don't listen to rap music or you're really young and don't know that was a reference to Wu Tang, lol! Have you noticed that we are literally controlled by money? We have been trained to work, buy, save, invest, nest, etc. I pride myself as being a free spirit and even sometimes I get caught up in it.

Even though I still love to shop. I don't go shopping every week. Yes, I used to shop EVERY WEEK. How is it that someone who shops every week still felt like she had nothing to wear?? It's because I was shopping just to shop, not to build my wardrobe. I was shopping because it was trendy. I was buying things because "Oh, its only $5, it's only $10". And those items ending up sitting in my closet with no wear, going nowhere.

I used to have 9 black coats/jackets, at least 30 pairs of jeans, and I was tipping 200 pairs of shoes. When I tell you I was overloaded! Now I feel so much lighter and I actually have an easier time finding things to wear. Now I follow my own 80/20 rule and typically only buy basics or items that can go with 80% of my wardrobe or I can wear 80% of the time. And other 20% is reserved for items that I really LOVE! When it gets hard filtering through my own bullshit and whether I truly love an item or not, I'll buy, but then maybe get rid of an older item that may have served the same purpose. So I make sure to replace the loves and not let them pile.

Coat duster: Vintage // Sleeveless sweater: H&M // Wide legs: JC Penney // Shoes: Shoedazzle

Oh, and you must know these pants I basically stole! They were $6!!! So my fit (shoes included) was $25. Boss.

Monday, October 12, 2015


What to say, what to say....

My life has undergone some substantial changes. Let's see if I can catch you up in one blog post. Let's start with some of the more interesting things...

1. I changed my dietary habits tremendously. I went vegan for 30 days in an attempt to lose weight originally. In doing that I found so much clarity and information about the things that we put into our bodies daily. I have not gone back to eating meat. I have decided that I will remain vegan Monday through Friday and I will allow myself milk/egg products on the weekend. I may or may not eat seafood very seldom. I am still far from my dietary/weight loss goals. I wish to become a mainly raw vegan but that will definitely take a lot more dedication and resolve than I currently have. But my NutriBullet RX will most definitely help with that.

2. I've been doing a lot of researching and changing habits. Switching out things like deodorant, toothpaste, and cleaning products to be more friendly to my body and the environment. In switching my deodorant it was challenging going through a detox. Having a little smell to my armpits was not something I could get used to, lol! But now that my body has detoxed the chemical deodorant, my natural deodorant is working just fine. 

3. I have begun mediating and letting go of some bad habits. I have also spent a lot of time researching things that will allow me to be conscious of what is going on and detoxing my mind and spirit. 

4. I have been on hiatus from my vintage shop and I haven't done makeup in forever. But I am planning on renewing my esthetics license, learning Reiki, and maybe also learning more information to become a wellness inspiration. My Vintage Shop will have new items by the end of this month.


5. I having really been contemplating starting a music blog. Music is such a HUGE part of who I am. Music is the art I hang in my environment. The way I decorate my time. I had to be realistic with myself though and there is no way I can have a style blog, music blog, run a vintage shop, work full-time and this blog will become more of a lifestyle blog. There will be some tweaks and changes coming soon. 
6. I got rid of about half my wardrobe. I also got rid of over 30 pairs of shoes. I still want to rid myself of more. I have moved 3 times since 2013. I became weary of having to move so many things. In addition to my Vintage clothing for sale, I had tons of personal items. Many of which I hadn't even worn in years or no longer fit my aesthetic. While getting rid of these items I felt so much lighter! So I did the same for my jewelry, purses, belts etc. I have more staple items and enjoy shopping still but try to do so more responsibly. When buying an item I am thinking how much wear that item would get and making sure it is either A) something that goes with almost everything I own or B) something I adore! Now don't get me twisted I still LOVE shopping and may browse regularly but I'll always make room and buy wise. I still melt for Fashion.

7. I'm exploring minimalism. A form of minimalism that's true to me. I realize how much we consume. Not only do I want to be more responsible, but I've found it feels good to pack light. For example, I love technology but there's no way I need an iPhone, iWatch, MacBook, Desktop, iPad etc. Now there are things I need in order to get my business done but there's a line between things I'll need to be efficient or having things just for the sake of having them. I donated about 85% of my books and kept the ones I can use as resources and for knowledge. I also downloaded quite a few into my iBooks and Kindle.
8. Lastly, I've become more accepting of me. That means more accepting of my thoughts, and feelings. More gentle with myself. This allows me to feel comfortable around others although I'm grateful for solitude. It allows me to cry and randomly feel overwhelmed with gratitude without judging myself for being too emotional. It allows me to feel beautiful even though my weight yo-yos. And it allows people to see the light in me that's always been there but is now shining more brightly. 

Outfit: Thrifted // Sneaks: Converse // Sunnies: Fancy Kouture Accessories

Was that a good catch up talk? I hope you'll enjoy the levels and changes this blog will encompass. It will no longer just be about style as I hope to involve and evolve these writings with me.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Funny Weather

Jacket: Jade Vintage // Sweater: Thrifted // Jeans: Thrifted DIY // Boots: Zara

Welp after having several days of fun and sunshine, I'm back in the A with this funny weather. Its in the 50s this weekend and people are back in jackets and boots. I have had an off and on headache for almost 48 hours ( I think due to my body getting acclimated to being back from vacay) so needless to say I am a tad bit on edge. I'm thinking I will just try and chill the rest of the weekend.

By the way I just threw on this jacket for some in person marketing. This cutie is available on the site!
Have a good weekend lovelies!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Well HELLO Y'ALL!!!! I actually started to miss posting here. But I have been living life and life has stomped on me quite a bit. So I've been trying to do me and I still am. I took a trip to Cancun recently (like I've been back 2 days) and I wanted to share some pictures with you.

I can go on and on about these pictures and what we did. We drank, ate, partied, hung with some awesome strangers, drank, got serenaded on the bus by a local, drank, etc etc...

I can also go on and on about what I've been up to and what I've been going through, and maybe one day I will. But until then I'll spare you the details and the drama and leave you with these last pictures of the sky from my plane ride. When you're that high up it just seems like nothing down below is so serious. You literally can't see the ground and the amazingness of the sky takes over. So sometimes when life is overwhelming just take your mind on a plane ride.

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